Electric forklifts, 10-18 tons

Electric forklifts, 10-18 tons

Our most eco-efficient forklift E-VER

The award-winning Konecranes E-VER combines the quality, power and productivity of our conventional lift trucks, with the latest eco-efficient technology. Developed with the customer in mind, it’s powered by an efficient Li-ion battery suited for heavy-duty work. It’s equipped with the latest digital solutions for monitoring performance, and all the features that make a driver feel safe and ready for whatever the day might bring.

Thanks to Konecranes Battery as a Service (BaaS), customers of the Konecranes E-VER range of Li-Ion powered electric forklift will be able to purchase an E-VER electric heavy forklift without battery and choose the best battery set up that suits their needs.

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When you invest in a Konecranes forklift, you get the world’s hardest-working forklift and service provided by the world’s most dedicated lift truck specialists. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, the Konecranes lift truck team is here to ensure that your forklifts always give their best. Contact us to express your needs and requirement and we’ll listen through and come back with a lift truck built for your world.

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