Gypsum and Limestone 1200tph Shiploading Port of Salalah


At the very heart of the Telestack Ports and Terminals business is their understanding and experience in the industry. Having generated decades of experience in the aggregates and mining and ports and terminals sectors, Telestack are one of the key players in the bulk material handling equipment industry. The  division has recently added to their global portfolio with the installation of an innovative and custom design shiploading system for Maersk at Port of Salalah

in Oman. Critical to the installation were mobility, dust containment and efficiency all major contributions as to why Telestack was selected to provide the customized shiploading solution.Port of Salalah are recognized globally as a leading transshipment hub positioned among the world’s top ports and continues to play a vital role in the economic future of Oman. 

Strategically located at

the major East-West Shipping Lane, the Port of Salalah is viewed as the region’s best located port in order to access the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and East Africa. The Port (of which APM Terminals holds a minority stake) is currently undergoing an expansion which will double the quay length, and increase dry bulk capacity to 20 million tonnes annually.

Port of Salalah is a made up of a Container Terminal with seven berths of up to 18m draft and a General Cargo Terminal of twelve berths of up to 16m draft, with infrastructure to handle the world’s largest container vessels, as well as bulk cargo, bunkering and warehousing. As part of this expansion, Port of

Salalah have appointed Telestack in a £4.8 million deal to provide a unique shiploading system to handle the added capacity generated by the infrastructure investment to cater for the export requirements of the local mining, quarrying and cement industries.


Dust Containment and Suppression

Dust Containment and Suppression options were taken into significant consideration during the design stage of the shiploading system, both the Titan 800-6 Dual Feed AWT TU and TB60 AWT were customized with galvanized dust covers the entire length of the incline conveyor and side wind plates on the inner conveyor. The two units also have integrated dust extraction filters fitted above the unloading point including an air compressor and dust filter. The TB60 was designed with canvas retractable telescopic dust covers on the inner conveyor as well as a fully enclosed hood at the transfer point from outer to inner. All these additional features will help to ensure that the application is as environmentally friendly as possible and the entire shiploading process is now virtually dust free.

Soft handling of material to prevent degradation

Degradation and contamination of material could compromise the composition and size of the product which could, in effect, reduce the selling price per tonne. The implementation of the Telestack system means that double handling of materials is eliminated.

This, coupled with the highly abrasiveness of gypsum, limestone and clinker,makes it a very demanding application which is why Telestack engineers incorporated transfer points, feed-boots and ceramic lining to ensure that the unit was hard wearing.

Mobility and Trimming capabilities of system to load vessel as efficiently as possible

These Telestack mobile shiploading systems that are operating in the Port of Salalah represents the new generation of mobile shiploading.


The Telestack Shiploading System offers unrivalled flexibility in a range of applications (stockpiling, bay loading, linking, shiploading and reclaiming.) The mobility options of the units allows for the operator to utilize this technology anywhere on site ensuring a high-production capacity. The All Wheel travel technology is designed to reduce hatch change times, particularly when loading geared vessels or vessels with vertical hatches as the Shiploader boom only needs to be retracted before moving in parallel to the next hatch, thus reducing loading times, maximising production rates, minimising labour on site.


Telestack Range of Equipment

Telestack specialise in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems for the inland ports and terminals, aggregates and mining sectors. Telestack provide customised mobile solutions and proven results through their wealth of stockpiling experience.

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