Cranes, the heart of the logistics process

It’s essential for your operator to have an ergonomic workplace with a good overview of the terrain and the goods that need to be moved. A pleasant indoor climate in every season helps the operator stay alert and fit. This, in turn, contributes to the production and efficiency of your process. We integrates sightlines with window posts in the right place, an ergonomic seat, the right working posture, the accessibility of the cabin and the layout of the controls into the design of your crane cabin. We also supply ship unloader cranes, gantry cranes, overhead cranes, grab cranes, mobile cranes, harbor cranes, bulk transhipment installations, straddle carriers, construction cranes and offshore cranes.

RTG Cabins

We has been building RTG cabins for the RTG cranes at ports & terminals for the past 35 years. We create ergonomic and comfortable working environments for crane operators to increase their overall productivity and efficiency. We are proud to introduce our Next Generation RTG cabins.

STS Cabins

We builds STS cabins with many options that enhance safety, efficiency and ergonomics. We can fully customise the design of this quality cabin to meet specific customer needs. All cabins meet the highest standards.We develops cabins the operator feels comfortable in. They’re equipped with climate control and a special seat; operators have a better sitting posture so they stay alert and can take on more (and error-free) work.

RMG Cabins

To reduce the loading and unloading time of large container vessels, the container storage location has to be managed in the most efficient way. The Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMG) contribute to this. These gantry cranes run on rails and are fully electrically powered. We supplies fully equipped cabins with a smart design, so that the operator, despite the small space, still has enough space to do his job well. We can completely customise these cabins.

We are proud of our work!

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