MANTSINEN 300 MANTSINEN 300 The Mantsinen 300 is second to none in efficiency, despite its massive size the machine is agile, precise, and easy to control. Mantsinen 300 material handler takes vessel loading and unloading operation efficiency to a whole new level. This enables the fastest work cycle in the market and the best productivity… Continue reading MANTSINEN 300


MANTSINEN 200 MANTSINEN 200 Mantsinen 200 offers significant economical and ecological improvements for your material handling operations. Massive in size, easy to control, the machine brings productivity and agility to your worksite. The Mantsinen 200 provides more versatility than traditional mobile harbor cranes: in addition to handling bulk materials and general cargo, the 200 can… Continue reading MANTSINEN 200


MANTSINEN 160 MANTSINEN 160 With high level of precision and easy controllability, the Mantsinen 160 increases productivity of material handling. It handles various materials from dry bulk and scrap to general cargo. Mantsinen hydraulic material handlers are steady and operating them is fast and safe. When speed is your best friend, the Mantsinen 160 is… Continue reading MANTSINEN 160]


MANTSINEN 140 MANTSINEN 140 Mantsinen 140 is characterized by its energy efficiency and agility. With its economical and intelligent features, this machine makes material handling ever more productive. The 140 brings together the benefits of the smaller and nimble 120, as well as the big and fast 160, when cost per operated ton makes the… Continue reading MANTSINEN 140


MANTSINEN 120 MANTSINEN 120 Mantsinen 120 handles various materials economically and efficiently. This agile, fast and precise machine makes material handling operations ecological and more productive. Mantsinen 120 is the backbone of many small and mid size ports and terminal operations where speed and flexibility are appreciated. The 120 offers the largest reference list at… Continue reading MANTSINEN 120


MANTSINEN 95 MANTSINEN 95 The Mantsinen 95 is designed to handle various materials in fast pace environments with extra precision. Compact in size, big in productivity, this machine optimizes your material handling operations at any worksite. Mantsinen 95 is an exceptionally agile solution for various operations at terminals and mills. The machine is suitable for… Continue reading MANTSINEN 95


MANTSINEN 90 MANTSINEN 90 Mantsinen 90 challenges its competitors with its precision and fast work cycles. This compact high-productivity machine impresses with its strength and capability. Mantsinen 90 is a versatile option for various operations at ports, terminals, and mills. It can handle any kind of bulk material, scrap, timber, and breakbulk. Product Brouchure Enquire… Continue reading MANTSINEN 90


MANTSINEN 70 MANTSINEN 70 Mantsinen 70 is a combination of speed, power, and intelligence. Designed for versatile material handling needs, the machine streamlines operations and improves efficiency, and productivity. Mantsinen 70 is designed for various material handling needs at ports, terminals, and mills and it is tailored especially for round-wood and scrap handling. Product Brouchure… Continue reading MANTSINEN 70


MANTSINEN 60 MANTSINEN 60 The Mantsinen 60 carries all the proven qualities that you have learned to expect from a Mantsinen material handling machine in a condensed package. Fast and precise in material handling, this machine is also known for its efficiency and reliability. Mantsinen 60 is your ultimate scrap and timber loading machine with… Continue reading MANTSINEN 60


LINK CONVEYORS Link Conveyors Telestack’s mobile Link Conveyors offer a complete range of conveyor systems to reduce / eliminate the need to for truck/wheel loader haulage on site. The Link Conveyors can either be track mounted, fully self driven or wheel mounted/ towable wheel mounted. Product Brouchure Enquire KEY FEATURES Eliminate / Reduce the haulage… Continue reading LINK CONVEYORS

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